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Our political marketing services are designed to help politicians, campaigns, and causes build recognition, trust, and support among voters. With our expertise and experience, we can help you win elections and make a meaningful impact.

Tareqi Series

A series composed of separate episodes, each featuring a protagonist who tells the story of their success, how they paved their way, and achieved their goals. These success stories encompass various fields, such as politics, societal matters, or stories related to public affairs.

Tareqi is a documentary series with the following objectives:

Shedding light on inspiring success stories.
Motivating Syrian women to take their roles and share responsibilities alongside men in building the future of Syria and participating in the country’s reconstruction.
Breaking stereotypical images of Eastern women in general, and Syrian women in particular.
Demonstrating women’s abilities in leadership, work, and their success in decision-making positions by presenting stories of successful women.
Documenting the work of the heroines of Tareqi.

Motivational Video For Women